Quick execution of orders

We work efficiently and quickly, including deliver large orders at short notice

A customer-centred company

We come to the most effective solution in terms of technology, finances and the optimal deadline for each situation in collaboration with a client

Quality at all stages

We ensure quality control in raw material sourcing and production

Customised approach
to each client

We produce exactly what is expected by our customers
worldwide from the best quality birchtimber –
most efficiently and within the shortest deadlines.

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how we can help you!


in sawing birch logs
and producing solid birch products

Quality raw material

We purchase only locally certified
birch feedstock, sourced within 100 km range from our production sites.
In this way, we control the origin and
quality of the raw materials.

Professional team

We encourage the selfempowerment of our employees, support various forms of training and take interest in the professional development of
each employee.


Our production facility is equipped with modern machinery and technology.
We are constantly improving and evolving.


Our production facilities operate inseveral shifts. Production lines run continuously.
An optimised maintenance cycle ensures the efficiency of our technology.

Building a customer dialogue

We delve into the customer’s product and needs in order to find the most efficient and costeffective solution, as well as the optimal delivery time.

Zero-waste production

We generate heat from the wood chips and scraps originating in thenwood processing for the entire company and we produce two high-quality heat energy products – round briquettes with a hole and RUF briquettes, which heat homes in Latvia and all over Europe.


A special Latvian birch

Latvia’s climate, topography and soil characteristics are particularly suitable for growing quality birch feedstock. The unique combination of conditions has a positive impact on the growth rate, girth and even colour of the birch tree.

Parts from birch wood for your

We produce high-quality wooden parts for our customers around the world with responsibility and sustainability in mind. Our production operations are designed to reduce waste and boost energy efficiency, while reducing our environmental footprint.

100% Latvian company with 25 years of experience

The sawing capacity of the sawmill exceeds 70,000 m3 of birch sawlogs per year

Controlled feedstock, FSC and PEFC certificate policy

We are a stable partner who respects and strictly adheres to the agreed terms

We control the quality of both products and production operations

Our professional team will be happy
to answer all your questions!