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Round briquettes with hole

100% natural product made from birch wood chips without additives, glue or binder. Premium class briquettes are easy to use. Briquette quality, burning time and burning temperature are higher than other briquettes and dry firewood. Briquettes can be used in fireproof and tested heating boilers and fireplaces. Burns evenly, no smoke, no smell, no sparks.
The special design of the briquettes, as well as the manufacturing method, allows them to achieve maximum efficiency with a lower ash content!

Produkta izmēri

Heat capacity 5.00 MWh/t
Humidity 8-10%
Ash content 0.3%
Density 1.20 g/cm3
Package 5 briquettes per pack
Pack weight 10 kg/pack
Diameter and length 90×270 mm
Pack size (5 briquettes) 90x270x450 mm
Pallet (96 Packs) size 800x1200x1300 mm
Pallet weight 960 kg