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Krauss timber
processing cycle

Processing cycle graphic

Krauss timber
processing cycle

Purchase of sawing logs

The company procures lumber following the policies of international wood supply certificates FSC and PEFC, which ensures environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable forest management. Krauss selects raw material sourced within a 100 km radius around the production sites of the company, thus personally controlling and verifying the origin and quality of the raw materials

Measuring and sorting of sawing logs

Each shipment of logs delivered is measured and assessed on a 3D measuring line in accordance with the LVS 82:2020 standard. The sawing logs are measured for volume; their defects, curvature and interference of metal elements are assessed and identified. According to the sorting plan, each log is directed to the appropriate pocket on the sorting line and deposited in storage for further processing.


The log sawing process is carried out using circular saws, with state-of-the-art bucking, scanning and sawing technology. The log is fed onto the base table in the most efficient sawing direction, maximising the effective yield. The first sawing produces a beam and two side edges. The resulting beam is routed to a scanning station where its geometry is scanned. According to the information obtained, the secured beam is then fed to the sawing process to produce edged boards. The edged boards are fed to the machine where they are sawn to the required thickness. Both edged and unedged boards are directed to the sorting belt, which takes them to the sorting station.


The planks are packaged appropriately to their level of processing, thickness and quality, with edged and non-edged planks separately. The sawn timber is stacked using profiled softwood spacers, ensuring high-quality storage and further processing. The completed packages are secured with bands to ensure stability in transport and placed in a storage area.

Shavings and chips

All residues from the sawing process are diverted to a dedicated compartment and transported to the chipping station, where they are crushed and transformed into high-quality fuel chips. Shavings obtained at all sawing stations are sieved to ensure high quality.

Sawn timber drying

The drying of sawn timber takes place in convection-type drying chambers, which ensure an efficient and controlled drying process. A moisture content of 8 +/- 2% increases the physical and visual value of the sawn timber and serves as a base value for further processing. In particular, this moisture content makes post-treatment of the surface easier, improves its quality and prevents the boards from cracking in future use.

Scanning, assessment and
longitudinal sawing of unedged boards

This process takes place on an automated timber sawing line with optimisation for cutting unedged boards to width. The most efficient scanning and assessment equipment, thanks to the perfect mechanisation of the process, makes it possible to achieve the maximum useful outcome.

Cross-cutting, defect removal

For maximum scanning efficiency, the scanner is calibrated before scanning the timber. Each board is assessed for its moisture content. The board is scanned and the scanner identifies wood defects and inconsistencies in the quality of the components ordered by the customer. The information obtained is sent to the station for cutting the length, and the defects are sawn out of the board to obtain the most efficient and high-quality product, component. Components are packed on pallets and are ready for shipment to the customer or for use in-house for further processing.

Longitudinal jointing

Components that are 180-400 mm long are jointed. The component jointing process uses a single-component polyvinyl acetate-based D3 adhesive with high heat and moisture resistance, which allows the jointed products to be used in aggressive environments. The jointed laths with a maximum length of 6000 mm are packed and shipped to the customer or to the next processing step.


SIA Krauss provides planing of parts and workpieces of any dimension and shape. Equipment of the latest generation provides the highest precision automated cutting, milling and drilling. Before planing, the required length of the part, to +/- 0.1 mm accuracy, is produced by cross-cutting.


Gluing is carried out by using a hot surface hydraulic press with automatic glue application technology, loading and unloading mechanisms. The gluing process uses a single-component polyvinyl acetate-based D3 adhesive with high heat and moisture resistance, or a bi-component adhesive.
Available dimensions of glued products: thickness 12-80mm, width up to 1250 mm, length up to 3200 mm.


The sanding process is carried out by means of a multiple sanding technology machine, which ensures the surface quality of sanded products of variable roughness, according to the order. Maximum width of products to be sanded - 1250 mm.

Cutting into length

A glued and sanded panel or beam is cut into the length to obtain the required dimensions according to the order. The production process ensures accuracy to +/- 0.1 mm.

Briquette production

All the chips and chunks that are produced during wood processing are ground to a certain fraction, accumulated and, thanks to modern technology, become an excellent raw material for the production of two high-quality thermal energy products. Round briquettes with a hole and RUF briquettes, which heat homes in Latvia and across Europe, are available from the Krauss online store.

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